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You have one shot


Lessons almost learnt
from barely making it through yet another day,
trying to be a bit less stupid than the day before.

I used to be young and confused. I even thought I was good back then. At some point, I started being just confused. That's when I realised that stupidity, like Mariah Carey between Halloween and NYE, was all around.

For the last decade, I've confirmed how far one can go by consistently running away from stupidity instead of chasing excellence.


How is it possible to run away from something that's everywhere? In a consistent way? Is there a Stupidity Kryptonite?

It's the same approach for delivering effective security operations and not burning yourself out trying it.


Is that it? I wish! That's just the starting line. I talk about it in El Vigilante's newsletter, where I share lessons almost learnt.

Almost? Almost learnt, yes. Why Almost? Well, it's my favourite word in any language. It can be used almost everywhere. You can transform almost any absolute statement, wrong by definition, into something debatable, among a few other handy use cases.

In this case, each time I think I've learnt a lesson for good, I fail in a new, different way. Does that mean I didn't learn that lesson? I'd say I almost learnt it, and now it's almost, almost learnt. There's always room for one more almost, which leads us to another topic: failing fast vs. minimising failures. Let's keep that for one of the emails.

Day you're out,
shot you miss.

Action may be reversed, inaction is not.

Are you just letting it slip?

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    Everything happens for a reason.
    Sometimes, the reason is that you're stupid
    and make bad decisions.

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    PS — Yes, you got the reference. Now scroll up and treat yourself to some stupidity kryptonite.

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